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Backcountry Ski Tours in Belpiano/Schöneben

Backcountry Tours Between Sesvenna and the Ötztal Alps

The ski area of Belpiano and its surroundings, the mountain peaks and valleys around the Sesvennagruppe and Ötztal Alps, offer an endless variety of spectacular skiing opportunities. The idyllic Rojental valley and the original Langtauferer valley inspire backcountry skiers from all over the world. White slopes and untouched nature, dense forests and lonely high Alpine plains promise unforgettable experiences away from the crowded ski slopes.

Worthwhile destinations around Schöneben include the ski mountain "Äußerer Nockenkopf" above Rojen as well as the "Grionkopf" in the inner Rojental valley, as well as the "Großer Schafskopf" mountain above the Langtauferer valley with its magnificent downhill run in the afternoon sun. Many more such tours can be found around the Resia lake and Schöneben, such as the backcountry tour to Piz Sesvenna or Rasaß peak.

Skiing Tours in the Belpiano Skiing Region

Dosso di Fuori (2769m)
Beautiful and rather easy ski slope via Rojen, the hamlet on the highest altitude in the Eastern Alps

Dosso di Dentro (2772m)
Rewarding ski area in an enchanting landscape

Grionkopf (2896m)
Fascinating, challenging ski tour in the Inner Roia Valley between Venosta Valley and Lower Engadine

Piz dal Corvs (2851m)
Charming scenic skiing tour destination in the backmost Roia Valley between Grionkopf and Dosso di Dentro

Spi da Rusenna (2741m)
Spi da Rusenna is a peak ridge in Roia, extending between Dosso di Fuori and Dosso di Dentro

Cima Undici (2925m) and Zwölferkopf (2783m)
Two rewarding ski areas

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