Ski Slopes and Cable Cars

Ski Slopes and Cable Cars in Belpiano/Schöneben

Modern Cableway Facilities

The Belpiano ski resort boasts 40 kilometers of slopes and a total of six cableway facilities, catering to both avid skiers and snowboarders and also relaxed holiday makers and families.

The following schedule provides detailed information about the slopes, along with their level of difficulty, as well as the chair lifts and ski lifts in Belpiano, from the cable car Piz Schöneben to the new 6-seat Jochbahn cable car located 2,350 m above sea level.

Chair Lifts
Cable car Piz Schöneben (2.130 m)
Schöneben chair lift (2.300 m)
Jochlift (2.300 m)
6er Fraiten chair lift (2.300 m)
Rojen 4er chair lift (2.350 m)
Zwölferkopf chair lift (2.300 m)
Pofel chair lift II (1.550 m)
Föderband Schöni's Kinderland (2.150 m)

In the Skiarea Vinschgau: 39 lifts 133 km  slopes

Slopes (difficulty)
Talabfahrt (middle)
Schönebenabfahrt (easy)
Jochabfahrt (easy)
Fraitenabfahrt (easy)
Zehnerabfahrt (middle)
Rojen (hard)
Hütteltal (hard)
Zwölferkopf I (hard)
Zwölferkopf II (hard)
Pofel (easy)

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